Services for
Persons with Disability
and their Families

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A one stop-shop where one can find basic information on all the services available to persons with disability and their family in Malta and Gozo.


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This website would not have been possible without the support of: VOPS, MCVO, Minister for Inclusion, Healthcare Logistics Ltd and Fred Bezzina.

About this Initiative

Information on services to help people with disability and their families to find the support they need is not only a necessity but a right.


In 1990, the Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b’Diżabilità, (today the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability) published the first edition of a booklet Services and Benefits for People with Disabilities and their Families. This need is still present.

National Parents' Society of Persons with Disability (NPSPD)

The National Parents' Society of Persons with Disability is an organisation which caters for the needs of people with disability and their families, and organises a number of activities throughout the year. It is also a leader in bringing forth disability issues to the public domain and engages in discussion with all parties who have at heart the interests of people with disability.

Website Coordination

This website and its initial content has been coordinated by Fred Bezzina on behalf of the National Parents Society of Parents with Disability.



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Early Intervention, Medical and Paramedical

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