In 1990, the National Commission Persons with Disabilities, KNPD (today this has become the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, CRPD) published the first edition of a booklet Services and Benefits for People with Disabilities and their Families, with the aim of providing such persons with basic information, in one place, on all the disability services offered in Malta and Gozo, in a language that can be understood by everyone.

This need is still present. Thus, the National Parents Society of Persons with Disability (NPSPD) took on the commitment of creating a website containing this information. This was made possible through funds obtained from the VOPS Scheme of the Maltese Council for the Voluntary Sector (MCVS) within the Ministry for Inclusion, Voluntary Organisations and Consumer Rights, together with the sponsorship of Healthcare Logistics Ltd.

NPSPD is committed to, as far as possible, keeping this website up to date to ensure that the information given is as correct as possible, and thus help people with disabilities and their families in having the best possible quality of life.

All the information found in this website was collected by Fred Bezzina and was, as far as
possible, corroborated with the service providers themselves. However, because this information can change from time to time, the information is correct up to the date indicated for each service/organisation. It is therefore recommended that the person who is going to make use of this information confirms that the information is correct with the concerned service provider, prior to using the service.

Anyone who notices that there is any incorrect or missing information found on this website is invited to send this information through our contact form, so that the necessary corrections can be made. 


The National Parents Society of Persons with Disability (NPSPD)

The National Parents Society of Persons with Disability (NPSPD), founded in 1976, is an organisation which caters for the needs of people with disability and their families. NPSPD has been a registered Voluntary Organization (VO) since 2009. It is a leader in bringing forth disability issues to the public domain and engages in discussion with all parties who have at heart the interests of persons with disability.

NPSPD is a founding member of Dar il-Kaptan, LAND and the Autism Parents’ Association. It organises social activities for its members and has good and strong working relationships with the authorities and with professionals.

Throughout the many years from its inception, NPSPD has always been at the forefront lobbying to safeguard the rights of:

  • parents of persons with disability, especially those parents whose offspring cannot represent themselves;
  • persons with disabilities themselves irrespective of the impairment;
  • families of persons with disability.

Our objective is to work in collaboration with anyone who is truly committed to work in the best interest of the person with disability and their families.


Portal Coordination

Fred Bezzina is the portal coordinator. He is the father of a Deaf person and has been involved in the field of disability, both in the governmental and the voluntary sector, since 1980. Between 1987 and 2010 he served as the Director of the (then) National Commission Persons with Disabilities (KNPD). He edited several publications related to this sector, including seven editions of Services and Benefits for Persons with Disabilities and their Families and a monograph documenting the history of the National Commission Persons with Disabilities, Nothing About Us Without Us, published by Horizons in 2017.


Purpose of this Portal

The aim of this website is to provide one source from which one can obtain basic information on all the services offered to persons with disabilities and their families in Malta and Gozo. The information found within the website is presented in an easily-accessible manner, simple language and in both English and Maltese.